The Fantasy Gacha Carnival tends to feature some very elaborate fantasy sets and the May round is no different. One of the more spectacular sets that you can play for is Aisling’s Satrinah outfit, of which I am showing one version in this post. I went for the pieces that give it a fantasy harem girl look, with a veil and various pieces of jewellery accompanying the main outfit. But there are also additional pieces to give yourself a much more fantastical look, such as horns, demon eyes or snake eyes and even a pair of wearable snakes that wrap around your body.

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The full set consists of 19 commons and 3 rares and comes fitted for Maitreya or Slink Hourglass. No Slink Physique for this set, alas, but I am pretty happy with the Hourglass shape I made to wear with it.

The commons are made up of two sets (top, which includes bra, scarf, armlets and bracers, and bottom, which includes belt, panties, skirt and anklets) in eight colours plus three sets of snake eyes. The wearables come with a HUD for controlling metal and jewels and the eyes with a customisation HUD.

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The rares consist of veil and horns, demon eyes and snakes. All pieces come with options via HUDs, so you can have several different textures on your snakes and also give them different eye colours.

The HUD for the wearables also includes options for the transparency of the fabric, as seen here on both the veil and the other pieces.


Body Parts: Slink Physique Hourglass body, Slink hands & feet, LightStar Athena, Mayfly eyes
Skin: Adam n Eve
Hair: Wasabi Pills (Uber)
Clothes: Aisling Satrinah (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

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