Rustic Retreat

In the course of making a brave but probably futile attempt at organising my inventory, I dug out a few pieces I had failed to blog from Trompe Loeil and On a Lark and paired these with more current releases from, again, On a Lark and also ieQED for We Love Role-Play and the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

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The Rivershire Waterwheel by Trompe Loeil is an absolutely charming building on the outside as well as the inside. With the waterwheel in place (you get four versions of the house, two with the waterwheel and two without and each in two sizes - I am using the smaller size) the house might fit best up against a hill of some kind, but the style of it allows for it to fit a range of landscaping options, from a forested area to a more open, farmland look.

The house has several beautiful windows and a number of wall candles inside, all of these options handily controlled either via a central control panel inside of the door or by clicking each individual window or candle.

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I furnished the house with some pieces from the Valezquez collection by Sweet Poison & On a Lark for an earlier round of Genre. The set comes with a HUD for changing the colour of the seats and the wood. It is a timeless piece furniture set that would look fine in a stately manor or a cosy cottage.

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The Ella fitmesh dress is also by On a Lark and it is available in a range of colours at the current round of We Love Role-Play. It worked very well with my Slink Physique body and I love the rustic feel of the gown. The belted top part lends it an air of practicality and the fabric looks fine but sturdy.

My necklace is one of the rares from ieQED’s gacha at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival; though it is intended to have a rather piratical feel, I think it works well as a rustic memento necklace too.

My hair is Exile’s Rising Tides and the poses used are from aDorkable, with adjustments for the arms via Animare.

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