The Enchantment is about to fade away. At the end of this weekend, the Bluebeard round will close and the special prizes that you can get by buying a qualifying product and filling it with stamps from all the participating stores will be gone for good. You can see all the prizes on Enchantment’s website and I am featuring two of them in this post, from the Muses and Frogstar.

The cage prop is also a limited deal from Culprit for this round of the Neighbourhood.

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The Love Cage by Culprit comes in three different colours and of course I went for red (Passion). Despite its name, this is actually a PG prop, with a selection of solo poses and a selection of cuddle poses for a couple. With the cage you get chain links of different lengths so that you can fit it to any room height.

The design of the cage is fairly “universal” in terms of its style and you could easily use this for either a fantasy/historical setup or a more modern environment.

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The Jeune Mairee collar is the stamp card prize for Enchantment from the Muses. The central keyhole design and the blood-read jewels fit the Bluebeard theme perfectly, yet it can easily be used without being too burdened by specific associations.

Frogstar’s prize is the Bluebeard’s Bride Chain Headwrap, which cleverly turns a set of twisted keys into an elegant (if morbid, given the context) accessory. The chain can be clicked to change the metal colour.

Also from Enchantment is the Grace hair by Due, though this is one of the qualifying purchases rather than one of the unique, soon-to-be-gone prizes. I really like how sleek and close-fitting this hair is.

I am all Slink parts today, with the Emma mesh head, Physique body and of course the hands & feet (and on my feet are the Brocade slippers from lassitude & ennui). My appliers are from Adam n Eve, namely Taliya in the extra-pale edition that comes with either “goth” or “fae” inspired makeups for the mesh head.

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