The latest release from the Plastik is the Malchia Corsets. I knew I had to have one of these once I saw the unique design and the gorgeous patterns and colours. However, that particular cut of a garment is difficult to work with if you’re not using a standard sized shape. But as the very lovely Aikea offered to upload an unrigged version for me, I took the plunge and picked up the striking Rogue version of the corset. As the whole corset is one mesh, I was able to resize different directions independently and this allowed me to work out a good fit. Of course, the trade off is losing the advantages of rigged garments, but sometimes it is necessary for us “shape non conformists” to make such compromises.

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The corset was my starting point for this outfit. I added the Misfit skirt, also from the Plastik, since the material went really well with the colour and texture of the corset. I also added the Kharys Circlet, which is one of the Plastik’s offerings for this round of We Love Role-Play.

The stunning staff, with the pulsing crystal and runes that fade in and out, is one of two staffs offered by aisling for We Love Role-Play. This is a massive, intricate piece with so many little details to discover.

The final We Love Role-Play piece that I added to the mix since the colours went so well with the bronzey/coppery theme were the Stag Pauldrons from ieQED. I love how they somehow combine hard and soft, almost like the half-risen quills on a hedgehog, and the whole feel of the them is very organic.

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My hair is one of the latest releases from Magika, Written. I love the softness of the curls that sweep over the shoulder and I think this is a nicely versatile style that suit both role-play and fashion.

This close-up shot also gives a good look at the top of the corset, with the striking woven-together ribbon look that forms the cups. It also shows the beautiful texturing very well, I thought.

I am once again wearing the Emma mesh head from Slink, this time to showcase the new Simone applier skin from Adam n Eve. sachi Vixen has added quite a few faces to her range of applier skins by now and while I tend to mostly use the Emma head for my reviews, I’ve tested a lot of them on Becky as well with great results.

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