Mesh Hair Design Challenge?

The first mesh hairs are slowly cropping up and so far I am pretty thrilled. Its early days still and no doubt plenty of room for further evolution, but that hasn’t stopped myself and some others making a particular style wish on Plurk:

Really, really long mesh hair.

We’re talking hair that Lady Godiva could be proud of, perfect for those dressed-only-in-my-hair photoshoots as well as for various roleplaying purposes; no self-respecting medieval maiden would have less than knee-length hair, after all.

What I am thinking now is, why not make a design challenge out of it? Put forward some guidelines, try to reach as many hair designers as possible, and see what they come up with? Then feature the resulting hairs in a series of blog posts, perhaps in a dedicated Flickr group as well. I don’t know that it needs to involve any voting or scoring of the designs, but a constructive look at the pros and cons of each style might be a good resource for future mesh hair developments.

So…any thoughts? Any interest?

1. Interest? *perks* you…

Interest? *perks* you bet. I’m very interested in wearing that kind of hair! Please, dear hair designers, let me wear my dream hair in SL, the one that will take another 10 years for me to get in RL if I even keep my patience that long.

Posted on Sep 27 2011 at 15:15 CET by Jackal Ennui
2. Any thoughts on where…

Any thoughts on where else to post, seeing as I don’t have the world’s most read blog. ;) Any suitable sections on SLU, perhaps?

Posted on Sep 27 2011 at 15:52 CET by Linda aka Freyja
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