Meanwhile, in King’s Landing…

One reason behind the redesign of our blog and the rest of the site was a closer integration between our two virtual pursuits: Second Life and MUSHing. We are still very much active MUSHers and have been running our own A Song of Ice and Fire-based game called Blood of Dragons for several years. Text-based gaming is hardly a booming hobby these days, but for some reason, this little TV show called Game of Thrones has resulted in a lot more interest in the game this year…

In any case, today’s little photography and post-processing exercise started out as an attempt at illustrating one of my characters from our game, Lady Aisling Ryswell.

To recreate my written description of Aisling in full-colour pixels, I have used a forthcoming skin from Adam n Eve called Ariadne, the Briony dress from Evie’s Closet, hair from Calico Creations and jewellery from Alchemy Immortalis. The photos are taken at the wonderful castle at Maxwell Graf’s Rustica sim.

1. Did you know there is a…

Did you know there is a King’s Landing roleplay sim that has just opened up?

Posted on Sep 29 2011 at 00:41 CET by CoraM
2. I do, yes. I’ve talked a…

I do, yes. I’ve talked a bit to one of the people behind it (watcher) since they were interested in finding out how we got approval from GRRM for our game.

I admit, though, I don’t quite get how people manage to roleplay with an SL viewer. The lack of a big input window would drive me nuts!

Posted on Sep 29 2011 at 00:53 CET by Linda aka Freyja
3. Beautiful picture, Freya…

Beautiful picture, Freya ... and it definitely evokes A Song of Ice and Fire. I haven’t seen the GOT show, but started reading the books because of it. I’ve been very inspired by the period myself! I’ll have to check out the new sim mentioned~

Posted on Sep 29 2011 at 02:32 CET by Nissa Nightfire
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