Lady in Lace

This opulent gown by aisling was the perfect reason to head over to Venexia for some photos, and I had the perfect accessories in the rose wreath by ieQED and the boots by lassitude & ennui. Not to mention the gorgeous hair by Calico.

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The Valentine gown from aisling is available in two special editions—Lace, as seen here, and Roses—at the new round of the Secret Affair, but it will also be available in other colours as a mainstore release. I am not actually wearing the full set here; in addition to the corset, the skirt, the collar and the ring, there are also separate sleeves and bracers for a more fantastical look. The gowns come with HUDs that allow you to customise colours and materials, making them quite versatile.

The Marquise boots are from lassitude & ennui for the current round of We Love Role-Play and they have a lovely distressed brocade pattern that I thought was just right for this gown. This is the black version but of course they come in a full range of colours.

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A better look at both the lovely rose wreath from ieQED (this is the Winter wreath, one of the rares at ieQED’s gatcha at the Secret Affair) and the charming Livia hair from Calico. I love the close framing of the face in front and in back it is quite long and opulent. Livia is one of Calico’s Hair Fair releases and now you might just be able to get in there more easily as a few days have passed since the opening.

Its still all about the events, as you can see, but its hard to complain when they bring such a wealth of creativity. And when there’s so many going on at the same time, you’re certain to at least get into one of them when you want to shop.

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