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Not my usual style, but I wanted to do something that fit a pose set that I picked up from elymode. Then I spotted the bodysuit from Luxuria for Fifty Linden Friday and Ran suggested that I go with the white version (you also get a black and a nude) and use a more austere build than what we normally go for.

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We ended up using the Chatham Loft skybox from Trompe Loeil, which was available as a gift at some point and I am not sure if it is available now. The chair is also from Trompe Loeil, Astrid in Berry, but the pose here is the first of two I am using from the “inspired by…newton” set from elymode. I really liked the languid elegance of this sit.

The high-shine shoes are the Jovie booties in white from ieQED for Kustom9, just one of many excellent new shoe releases from ieQED recently. They are made for the Slink high feet and they most definitely have materials enabled, for a very striking look.

The earrings and necklace are from Eclectica from Gothmas by Gaslight (which is still going strong) and the set is called Gothic Pearls. I love the organic shapes, they feel almost Lovecraftian.

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The Caer bodysuit by Luxuria is basic but very versatile and works beautifully as a Physique applier. It could just as well be worn with more clothes as on its own, but most of my non-roleplay styles tend to be about lingerie/underwear for some reason… ;P

The gorgeous Val updo from Analog Dog was (is?) offered as a very generous Christmas freebie in all colours, along with a selection of other updos. I love Analog Dog hairs, so I rushed over to pick them all up as soon as the notice came in.

As always, I am in all Slink replacement parts (except my head, love my shapes too much for that) and this time I am wearing skin appliers from Jalwa - the Sameena skin in Coriander, though the frosty eyeshadow is a freebie from elymode.

1. thanks for blogging…

thanks for blogging elymode poses <3
I really like the angle you positioned yourself on the chair, and the angle of the shot…i spent so much time looking at that pose from “the front” and sitting straight ahead in a chair that i never really saw it this way and it looks great!

Posted on Dec 28 2014 at 15:12 CET by elysium eilde
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