In the Shadows

This is a post of last minute reminders for A Tattered Page, My Attic and for various Black Friday sales. We’ve had a busy weekend (culminating in a dog show today), but its a few hours until midnight still (especially if you’re in a different timezone from us).

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From Luxuria for My Attic comes the Lauren lingerie, here worn as appliers for the Slink Physique body. The black is contrasted against white/silvery trim which makes the set look quite sleek and modern.

Also for My Attic are the sexy black Elise shoes by Bushu. Don’t miss the chance to get these at a fabulous discount - and there’s a ton of colours to pick from.

The lovely necklace from Senzafine for the first round of A Tattered Page is called Tears of the Accused and was inspired by the character of Justine.

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The sleek, elegant hair is from Wasabi Pills for the new round of Uber, which unlike the other events just opened. I thought it was perfect for showing off the new shape that I just made for one of the skins I picked up during Skin Addiction‘s Black Friday sale; the Sameena skin in Coriander from Jalwa. I like the distinctive, ethnic features of the Jalwa skins and Sameena is no exception. My only little quibble with the face would be that the central of the face comes out a touch strongly highlighted.

Sameena uses a new body called v2 and you can buy appliers for it for several different mesh body parts. I picked up the Slink Physique version which looks very nice, though I would have liked for the appliers to include cleavage options since the base skin does. I also prefer it when the body appliers also apply to hands and feet (if worn) so I don’t have to attach and detach quite so many huds!

So, there you have it, some options for last minute shopping on Sunday evening!

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