This week, I was one of the lucky winners when DeeTaleZ did a social media giveaway of their latest skin, Hope. I used to wear DeeTaleZ quite a lot, but lost track of the brand a bit in the transition to mesh heads, especially when Catwa became dominant and I didn’t wear those heads at all. Now their releases are almost entirely for EvoX, which I do wear. Hope caught my eye and I entered into the draw and a few days later I was surprised to have the full pack including add-ons sent to me. Naturally I had to give it a thorough look, but first I had to go shopping for the new body skins. In the process of doing so, I managed to buy one tone for the wrong body…oops. Too eager to get setup!

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Anyway, what about Hope? Well, she’s right up my alley, a bold skin with a lot of character. The basic pack includes six eyebrow options (one of them being “none”) and a range of makeup options; contouring, eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush, lipstick red gloss and smokey eyes. If you also get the add-on package, this gives you several ways of tweaking the look of your skin with cheekbone shading, contouring remover, dimples and moles, to name just a few. This can really transform Hope quite a bit.

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The new skins from DeeTaleZ can either be worn with body skins from DeeTaleZ or body skins from Velour (plus there is a neck blender which should allow the skins to blend well with other body skins too). I prefer the look of DeeTaleZ own body skins so that is what I picked up to wear Hope with. To show off as much of the skin as possible, I opted for just wearing the June ornaments by deviousMind, accessorized with a fan from Random Matter. The lovely dressing screen is from Dictatorshop.

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Body Parts: Slink Physique Redux body, Slink hands & feet, LeLutka Lake head, LeLutka eyes
Skin: DeeTaleZ Hope Celtic
Cosmetics: DeeTaleZ Cheekbones 25% Light Skin, Glowblush, Lips (tint), Smokeyeyes 25%
Hair: Magika Morticia
Accessories: deviousMind June Rose (Vintage Fair),
Random Matter The Countess Hand Fan
Decor: Dictatorshop Dressing Screen Decor

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