Fantasy Faire 2023: The Secrets of Opera

There’s a secret lair on Opera, well-stocked with wine and luxuriously furnished. Make sure you explore the sim thoroughly; it was beautiful before it was fully decorated and now it is just stunning. I wish it would stay around so that I could move in there, but alas, the Fairelands are ephemeral.

But I did at least get to move into the lair for a round of photos and naturally I needed a decadent and mysterious appearance for this. I picked Faida’s Brielle gown in Noir, one of two colours available as an RFL donation item. This slinky gown features a lace across the breasts, naughtily hinting but not revealing too much. I wanted to bring out the lovely Khara body again and Faida provides plenty of clothing for her already.

A mask was of course needed and this one comes from Hanzel. This is the standard version but there is also an RFL version. It makes beautiful use of materials and the HUD includes a nice range of possible texture options. And to add a touch of danger, the fingertips from the Vonnika hand jewelry set by Drunken Brokkr. The Kupra size will work for Khara as the hands are the same.

Click for full-sized image
Click for full-sized image


On Freyja:

Body Parts: Inithium Khara body, Inithium Khara hands & feet, LeLutka Erin head, Mayfly eyes
Skin: LeLAPEAU Sio Viena with Not Found Viena Normal Body
Hair: Truth Muse
Clothes: Faida Brielle Noir (Fantasy Faire 2023 - Opera)
Accessories: Hanzel Phantom Mask (Fantasy Faire 2023 - Szystrum Synod), Drunken Brokkr Vonnika Fingertips (Fantasy Faire 2023 - Nysaris)

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