Fantasy Faire 2023: Noble Houses

I love taking photos at the Fantasy Faire while the Fairelands are still around, but to show off the beautiful new buildings from Del-ka Aedilis I had to return home and play around with building a whole new renaissance quarter to accommodate them! There’s a total of eight new buildings added to the Medici series and I’ve worked three of those into my setup together with a pair of previous releases.  In addition, I have added decor pieces from Harshlands and Contraption. But first, lets take a look at what I am wearing.

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Senzafine’s beautiful Caterina gown is perfect for this kind of setting with its renaissance-inspired fantasy look. The colours and textures are, as always with Senzafine, rich and opulent.

Here I am standing on the balcony of one of the new houses, the Townhouse Prospero, and the pose is from Astalianda’s Belle Danse set.

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The delicate choker is from On a Lark and the fanciful hair accessory (added to Truth’s latest style) is by Analog Dog. Both have HUDs with plenty of texture options.

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From this angle we see the Townhouse Prospero from the front and to the left of it, the Townhouse Tomasia. These two are a pair of nicely matched townhouses for two wealthy families. The banner at the front of Tomasia is part of the house but the standing banner next to the Prospero entrance is one version of Contraption’s new banner. We also see the back of the Nysaris Hero Statue from Harshlands.

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A look at the square in the other direction, with a view of the statue from the front. It is, btw, significantly sized down from the default size to fit in with the houses.

The large house to the right is an older release, the Townhouse Cosimo, and the house to the left is also an older release, the Townhouse Isabella. Both have been adorned with different versions of Contraption’s banner.  In-between them we have the third new house, the House Cecilia, which is a little smaller than the other townhouses. I do feel like the new additions may be a notch smaller overall than the older ones, with suits my avatar fine.

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A closer look at the Everybanner from Contraption. It comes in 6 simpler and 6 more ornate versions, including hanging, standing and held. The held ones have poses for standing, walking and running and can also be planted. The HUD offers a lot of texture options and there are even additional HUDs made by other merchants.

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To the left you see House Cecilia, right in front the Townhouse Tomasia. With these buildings, you can easily create gorgeous-looking Renaissance towns. And while I am just showing the exteriors for this post, the interiors are every bit as detailed and each house has its own distinct look.


Body Parts: Maitreya Lara body, Maitreya hands & feet, LeLutka Inez head, LeLutka eyes
Skin: DeeTaleZ Carol Nordic
Hair: Truth Muse
Clothes: Senzafine Caterina Gown (Fantasy Faire 2023 - Sialdor)
Accessories:  Analog Dog Freyja’s Whimsy Mask (Fantasy Faire 2023 - Fungalmire), On a Lark Athenian Collar (Fantasy Faire 2023 - Opera)
Poses: Astalianda Belle Danse and Intrigue (Fantasy Faire 2023 - Opera)
Decor: Del-ka Aedilis Townhouse Prospero, Townhouse Tomasio, House Cecilia, Townhouse Cosimo, Townhouse Isabella (Fantasy Faire 2023 - Nysaris), ContraptioN Everybanner (Fantasy Faire 2023 - Szystrum Synod), Harshlands Nysaris Hero Statue (Fantasy Faire 2023 - Nysaris)

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