Dutchie’s Sauna

During the weekend Froukje Hoorenbeek of Dutchie dropped her latest creation on me—a sauna! Since it definitely needed both photos and a video to do it justice, it took a few days before I found the time to properly play with it. I kept the video PG (there is a PG as well as the Adult aka “Swinger” version of the sauna) but the photos in this post are rather more NSFW. Alas, neither me nor Ran have any alts setup with mesh bodies, so we couldn’t test out the poses intended for more than two avatars, but I do give a look at the menus to give a sense of what’s available.

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The sauna is beautifully modelled and textured—the wood looks amazing—and I love the way it looks in this wintry landscape. The light from the fire heating the sauna illuminates it in a lovely way.

It is also absolutely packed with poses (over 500 animations in the Swinger/Adult version and 40 solo and 20 couple animations in the PG version), including several that use auto-attaching props and make use of bento animations to adjust your hands appropriately. This adds a lot to the immersion. The adult poses are also compatible with the Aeros genitalia, allowing for automatic angle adjustments whenever needed.

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In this and the next two photos you see a very small sample of the more adult couple poses. We tried to keep things relatively tame, rest assured that there’s plenty that is a lot more NSFW. And, as usual with Dutchie, the animations selected are of top quality, smooth and realistic.

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The animation system is also so cleverly configured that if more than two people are seated in the sauna and one person is using solo animations while the other are using a couple animation, the single person will automatically be moved out of the way to one of the “watching” animations. So if you plan on using it with more than two avatars, definitely make sure to demo it to test out all the capabilities for three or four avatars.

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On Freyja:

Body Parts: Slink Physique body, Slink hands & feet, LeLutka Simone, Mayfly eyes
Skin: alaskametro Solace Tone 5 (Sad November)
Hair: Wasabi Cody

On Ran:

Body Parts: Slink Physique Male body, Slink hands & feet, LeLutka Andrea
Skin: Tableau Vivant Andrea Tone 6

Decor: Dutchie Swinger Sauna

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