Desert Rose

Night has fallen over the desert. By the fruit trees and date palms of the oasis, a large, striped tent has been erected. There’s no sign of activity outside of the tent, but inside someone waits…

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Dreaming Thicket’s Desert Nomad Tent is available at the June round of We Love Role-Play in six different colours/patterns. This is a tent large enough for a feast and you could definitely bring a horse or two in, as legend has it the Bedouin would do with their prized Arabian horses. The front of the tent can be left down, as here, or clicked to open it up.

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The “Nothing In Between” pose from Be My Mannequin is a very elegant lay that I thought looked great on the rugs furnishing the large tent. It is a very flattering pose that shows off your body nicely.

To further set the atmosphere of the scene, I added decor elements from the Dreaming Thicket, Paper Moon and Del-ka Aedilis. I also added a henna tattoo from Fallen Gods and chains from Aisling.


Body Parts: Slink Physique Redux body, Slink hands & feet, LightStar Maya, Mayfly eyes
Skin: Tuli Tanya
Cosmetics: Fallen Gods Persephone Outline Intense Henna
Hair: Analog Dog Druide Light Reds
Clothes: Aisling Makeba Style 1
Pose: Be My Mannequin? Nothing In Between
Decor: Dreaming Thicket Desert Nomad Tent - Tapestry Light (We Love Role-Play) and Nomad Floor Lantern - Bronze/Gold, Paper Moon Rug Merchant Rugs, Del-ka Aedilis Moroccan Table Copper and Medieval Wine Set

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