Among the releases for the current round of We Love Role-Play are a set of armour each for male and female avatars by Noble Creations, each including fits for several different mesh bodies. To show off the female armour in appropriate surroundings, I setup in the stone circle from LORE with the gorgeous castle from Fanatik in the background. I also brought on my four-legged alt wearing the Teegle Bento Horse Avatar and a new tack set from Cheval D’or.

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The “Spanish Tack” from Cheval D’or consists of saddle and bridle, with optional tassles for the bridle. A HUD with colour options is included and provides options both for the leather and the fabric.

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The Knight set from Noble Creations includes all the pieces seen here plus a helm. Some pieces are available as both rigged and unrigged mesh, others as either just rigged or just unrigged. I used the Maitreya fit on Slink Physique and found that the rigged mesh worked quite well. However, I did have trouble with the unrigged boots, which would have looked too large if I had sized them up to cover my legs and the mesh pants. To get around this, I made the leg part of the armour invisible and wore applier chain mail leggings instead.

The set comes with instructions for customising the chest insignia, so you can proudly display your own heraldry. Admittedly, I would have loved to see some colour options for the fabric as well.


Body Parts: Slink Physique body, Slink hands & feet, Mayfly eyes
Skin: DeeTalez Shirin MixedType
Hair: Truth Ophelia (Salem)
Clothes: Noble Creations Knight Set Female (We Love Role-Play)

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