Fortunately, I don’t need my voice to write a blog post, because its been mostly gone for the last few days thanks to this virus. I’ve also had an incredibly sore throat and I am just so done with being sick right now. The weather has been glorious (if a bit too hot) and I’ve mostly been coughing in bed. But, enough about my misery and onto a mix of new items from among others Noble Creations, ieQED and Silentsparrow. I decided to setup this scene in our new castle by Fanatik—if I am going to decorate every room, I will need a lot of new furnishings!

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From Silentsparrow comes the Swallow Tale tattoo, released for last week’s 50 Linden Friday. It applies to chest, arms and hands and comes in three strengths; I am wearing the faded version here. Also from this week’s 50 Linden Friday is the pose I am using here, which is part of oOo Studio’s Glance set.

The Confined Body Jewellery is new from ieQED for the June round of We Love Role-Play and it comes in the usual six metal options.

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The Enchanted Commode and matching Stool are beautiful wood pieces by Noble Creations for the Totally Top Shelf event. The stool has a set of single poses for each gender.

My hair (Mila with a special colour pack) is one of the VIP gifts from Alice Project from the (now ended) Summer Fun event and my skin is by Tuli again, but this time it is Maya. Decorating the castle walls (and warding off chill in the winters) are gorgeous Historical Tapestries by Paper Moon.

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