Midsummer Romance

Roawenwood (whose store has recently been remodelled and there is to be a photo contest on the sim) has a lovely summery swing with plenty of animations (single & couple) at the Fantasy Collective. I thought it deserved a bit of a floral theme for my accessories as well, so I went with some recent releases by Noble Creations and ieQED. I am also wearing a hair from Alice Project’s Summer Fun event, which offers one free hair per day in special colour packs and an extra bonus pack for those in her VIP group (which you really should join if you’re a hair addict since right now—today being the last day—the price is 50% of the usual joining price and you can then pick up the gifts you’ve missed).

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The Midsummer Romance Swing from Roawenwood is suspended between two trees and has little flowers climbing up the ropes. Its really sweet and summery. I wasn’t able to grab Ran for couple photos this time around, but I explored the menus and there is a nice variety of sweet, cuddly poses, both seated and standing.

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The Sakura Blossom Tiara by Noble Creations, released for Enchantments Thumbelina event, seemed like a lovely fit for this scene, with its delicate flower decorations. Continuing the floral theme is the Seed jewellery—earrings, necklace and ring—by ieQED, which features a seed set in metal. This was released for Shiny Shabby’s May round.

The hair is Ellie by Alice Project and I am wearing one of the shades from the VIP special HUD, which essentially offers you five really good base colours so its an amazing deal to be in the VIP group.

My skin is again Tuli’s Iris and I am wearing Luxuria’s Grace lingerie in pink.

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