Coiffed for Court

I am definitely in a mood for mostly roleplay-related looks these days. Of course, it could be that this is helped along by the sort of new releases I’ve been running into, like the latest hairs from Calico Creations. I have been a fan of Calico’s hairs since I started in SL and the Emily hair was my favourite flexi-curl hair for a long time.

Of course, book purist as I am, I wasn’t terribly happy with Cersei’s look on the show (or the way she was written or acted either, but that’s a rant for another day…). Some of the hairstyles seemed much too elaborate (but I am certainly happy to see such styles in SL!) and her robe-like gowns looked like they belonged in Dorne, not in King’s Landing.

So, that’s what I decided to be inspired by; I paired the hair with the Aya dress from Fantasia and headed over to the Tajuk Oasis for the shots. I just couldn’t resist using the palest tone of Nomine’s Magpie skin, however, so clearly this lovely lady has some very fair ancestors.

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