Arabian Knight

I think I am well on my way to becoming a virtual horse hoarder. I’ve now got six of the seven Teeglepets plus the Teegle avatar (on a separate account, so I can take myself for a ride) roaming around on the sim. The latest addition is the absolutely gorgeous Arabian, beautifully modelled to have the distinctive dish-shaped face, large eyes and nostrils and proudly carried tail. The movements of this horse are also very well suited to the breed and while I did not do a video this time, I tried to capture some of it in the shots I took.

The Arabian is currently an event exclusive at the Princess Bride round of Enchantment and the same goes for the lovely Arabian Nights tack from Jinx that I also picked up. This made it easy to decide how I wanted to show off the horse and so off I went to setup the Sahara Oasis solid sky landscape from Landscapes Unlimited. To this I added the new ruins from Fanatik and tinted these to blend in more with the desert sands. As for myself, I decided to be a desert prince rather than a desert princess—easier to find clothing suited to riding astride.

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The beautiful grey coat is the default coat that comes with the Arabian, by default a mare named Aphrodite. Its a very classic look for Arabian, but if you want something truly special, don’t miss out on the One of a Kind version auctioned off at the Home & Garden Expo.

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The Arabian Nights tack includes a HUD with several texture options and there are also two add-on HUDs that you can buy to give yourself even more options.

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On Man-Freyja:

Body Parts: Slink Physique Redux Male body, Slink hands & feet, Slink Visage Finn, Mayfly eyes
Skin: DNA Male Skin Base Tone 42
Hair: Wasabi Prisha
Clothes: The Muses Wilhelm Grey
Decor: Landscapes Unlimited Solid Sky Landscape Sahara Oasis, Fanatik  Ruins
Companion: Teegle Teeglepet Arabian (Enchantment) with Jinx Arabian Nights Tack (Enchantment)

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