A Dreadful Lady

Fallen Gods has some fabulous new releases out for Wayward Halloween, including a charming Victorian-inspired gown created in collaboration with Faida. It seemed like a good fit for a library setting (courtesy of the library skybox from Garden of Dreams), especially together with some occult books from Paper Moon.

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The Vanessa gown is one of the rares from the Dreadful gacha, the newest collaboration between Fallen Gods and Faida.  As the names suggest, the gacha (which includes 2 rares, the Vanessa gown with one of two different texture-changing HUDs, and 14 commons, the Lily gown in different colours) is inspired by the very entertaining Penny Dreadful show. There used to be a lot more Victorian clothing in Second Life before mesh and I am happy to see this set made available. As always, these collaborations are marked by excellent modelling and texturing, the only thing I might possibly wish for is fitted mesh, but with all the different bodies out there I understand it is pretty hopeless for a creator to get into the game of supporting them all.

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I am still wearing Tuli’s Agnes skin in the special Hex edition for Tres Chic, this time without the bloody tears but there’s still a bit of witchy veining going on in the face. Clearly the fault of too many late nights reading dangerous books, such as this stack from Paper Moon for the Nightmare Event. Paper Moon, through their new brand Hekate, is also behind the eyeshadow and lipstick that I am wearing. The Chicana eyes are for Genre’s Urban round and the Passion lips were for the round of ROMP that just ended.

The hair is the Poppy updo by Wasabi Pills in Ash for the Seasons Story.

I also wanted to point out that Fallen Gods is celebrating their 8th anniversary right now, with all sorts of events that you can read about on their webpage. There is also a market on Selidor with various friends of Fallen Gods selling special items to mark the anniversary celebrations.

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