Death’s Bride

The TAG! Gacha opened today and my self-imposed limits did not last long once I decided that the sets from Casa del Shai and deviousMind would make for a lovely scene together. And while I was chasing down the last Shai pieces that I needed, a review copy of a new skin from Tuli landed in my inventory and it turned out to be just right for the look as well.

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deviousMind is one of my favourite stores for gachas, not only because Chandra Meehan makes such beautiful, elaborate costumes, but because it is easy to get something nice and useable. Her sets usually have quite a few commons, so the rares can take a bit of luck and/or persistence to get, but with just two matched sets of commons you have a lovely full outfit.

This, however, is one of the rares, the Black Wedding outfit. There’s also a White Wedding and an awesome Sugarskull Horse, plus the Mystery Rare that is one of the special features of the TAG! Gacha. While the fitted mesh from deviousMind doesn’t always work for me since I wear Slink Physique rather than Maitreya or Belleza, this outfit did work since it leaves the breasts bare and that tends to be the most problematic area.

The beautiful skin from Tuli is called Agnes and is out for Tres Chic in a special Hex edition. She comes in the three palest tones (t0, t1 and t2) and you get the face with or without the bloody tears. You also get the matching creepy eyes, as mesh or regular. Agnes is available for the regular avatar as well as for LeLutka and LOGO mesh heads.

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I’ve never actually hunted down a Casa del Shai gacha set before, but the Dining with Death set is very creative and beautifully executed. I didn’t get all the skeleton dinner guests and I am lacking some of the food (as well as the Mystery Rare) but I did manage to snag the rare table and the rare skeleton avatar (which Ran is wearing in these pictures) without breaking the bank entirely.

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We couldn’t resist finishing up with a bit of extra fun with the skeleton avatar. I think Ran may be staying in it for the rest of October—no need to worry about what to wear!

TAG! Gacha is a pretty fun event with a cool format which did lead to me giving each gacha a bit more of a look than if I had just been camming through an event where everyone was in the same place. Of course, while this may be good for creators, it might not be healthy for your budget. ;)

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