Let it Snow

Winter’s should be white, there’s just no two ways about it. Of course, living on the west coast of Sweden, winter’s are quite often grey and rainy instead. After just enough snow in December to give us a white-ish Christmas, I did despair for this particular winter since the year started with rain and temperatures well above freezing. But then the snow came back and while it hasn’t snowed for some days now, we do have a lovely white covering on the ground and the temperature is set to stay below 0 for a good while. That put me in a mood to use this skybox from Barnesworth Anubis from the previous round of Collabor88; I love looking out through a window to watch the snow fall.

Events are responsible for a lot of what I am wearing, too, such as the Lazy boots from lassitude & ennui for L’Accessoires and Perception’s new corset for the Aquarius round of Zodiac. I am finding myself doing more and more of my shopping in SL at events. A sign of laziness, perhaps? I have always liked themed releases, though.

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Lets start with a good look at the Lazy boots. Jackal Ennui keeps producing top-notch mesh boots that work in a lot of different scenarios, from fashion to fantasy. These are perfect if you’re looking for something without a lot of heel, which often is the case for me.

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The Aquarius corset is part of Perception’s Zodiac range, with the star sign picked out in embroidery on the dark blue background. It comes as either an overbust or an underbust corset and the overbust also includes optional lace either as a clothing layer or as unrigged mesh. I paired it with a pair of pants from a Silent Sparrow suit.

My hair is the latest release from Wasabi Pills, a style called Jamie. Its perfect for showing off one side of the face and perhaps an earring. My skin is the latest release from Adam n Eve, Siobhan. I keep going back to this skin, especially with pale brows.

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