The New Skin Within

Skin Within is back. After a long silence, there is finally a new skin release from Ayesha Bisiani in the form of a lovely redhead called Alina.

Of course, many of you may not have been around for Skin Within’s earlier releases, so a short introduction might pique your interest. Ayesha specializes in faces with distinct ethnicities—previous releases range from Turkish to Scandinavian—and each skin is released in a single tone specifically tailored to the look of that skin. With so many of the current skins having a very particular look it is so nice to still find skin makers that make faces with a lot of individual character.

While staying true to her original concept of the skins, Ayesha has updated her sales model to take full advantage of tattoo layers, something I will discuss in detail when looking at what the skin includes.

If you are in the market for redheaded skin with a bit of a difference, make sure to check out Alina. If not, make sure to at least check out the add-on makeups.

My hair, btw, is yet another mesh release from Alice Project. If you haven’t had a look at the many new hairs she has released this week, you’re definitely missing out. Each new hair is sold at 50% for the first 24 hours.

1. Thank you for a great…

Thank you for a great article Freyja. Alina looks great on your shape.

Posted on Dec 29 2011 at 04:58 CET by Ayesha
2. I am glad you like it,…

I am glad you like it, Ayesha. :) I think she photos beautifully. In fact, I’ve got another up on my Flickr too:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/6589410263/

Posted on Dec 29 2011 at 05:19 CET by Linda aka Freyja
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