There’s a massive release of new couple poses from Exposeur today, including many additions to the “indecent” range of more adult couple poses. I picked up a couple plus there was a very generous group gift for the VIP group with another four poses, two naughty and two nice. So, the focus is very much on the poses.

However, I also very much want to highlight the backdrop too, which is the latest house acquisition by myself and Ran, the Carriageway House by Maxwell Graf of the amazing Rustica sim where he sells awesome furniture and houses.

He is also a driving force behind the Mesh Clothing Parametric Deformer Project which hopes to create a way that mesh can fit our shapes instead of us having to fit our shapes to the mesh. Right now, he has made an extremely generous offer: donate more than 10 US dollars to the project and he will allow you to pick out any item that he sells in SL. Ran and I had already talked about donating, but this made up our minds. Why not pitch in as well and get those last 900 dollars sorted out?

So, if you need someplace to shoot all those sweet and sexy poses you should be picking up from Exposeur, why not head over to Rustica and see what’s on offer? From charming cottages to grand houses, you can find it all. And if you already have a place or two to call home, you can pick up some truly sumptuous furniture to decorate them with.

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