Dancing Mustangs

You still have a few more days to visit the Dog & Pony Show before it closes on the 23rd of October, so make sure you don’t miss out! There are still events left as well, including the eagerly awaited Live Auction on the 21st with many OOAK coats up for grabs.

This may be my final post for this year’s event and for that I am heading off into the mountains to show some Campion Mustangs in their natural habitat. Campion Mustangs, you say? Well, within the Teegle community on Second Life there are a few roleplaying games centered around fictional breeds. Some are more fantastical and are found in fictional worlds, others are intended as fictional breeds found in our own world. They use Teeglepets as the base but with the help of deformers and mesh add-ons they achieve unique looks.

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The Campion Mustangs were created by Ziel Omizu of [ZAD] and the idea is that they are a fictional breed of Mustangs from Canada. Ziel has also created a Discord Server for the roleplay and game aspects of the Campion Horse Breed Club. There is a lot of info about this on the Discord but I’ll just quote a section here to give a sense of what it is about:

The main Game is ⁠the-roleplay-game, which has Players submit Roleplay Posts through Photography, Writing, Recordings, or even Second Life Show Records in exchange for an in-game currency. This in-game currency can then be used to cover Club Fees, buy limited Rewards, or make in-game only purchases through our Club Market. (EG: Stud / Broodmare Fees, Unregistered Resulting Foals, or Registered Campion Horses that don’t come with a Custom Coat.)

The second game is ⁠the-breeding-game, which lets Players breed their Campion Horses to get a semi-randomized Resulting Foal that is a description to follow to make a Registered Campion. As long as you follow the description, your Foal will be accepted for Registration - even if it doesn’t fall within the Standards! This game is mostly based on what we know about how real-world Genetics work, with a few tweaks to ensure Uncommon and Rare traits stay that way.

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Of course, you don’t have to take part in the game to use the deformers and mesh add-ons that Ziel sells! I used the Campion Mustang deformer, the Belly Fur and the Draft Legs on my Teeglepet Fjord horse and I love the extra stocky and rugged look they get. You need to know some basic editing to add the belly fur and draft legs, but the notecards are detailed with easy to follow instructions.

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My two Campion Mustang stallions, sparring with each other in the rugged mountains, have beautiful coats from W3R3W01F that would be just right for a wild or feral horse. The dark coat is called grulla and it is a type of dun with a body that is lighter than the mane and the tail and so called primitive markings such as a dorsal stripe. The red coat is a roan, specifically a red chestnut roan. A roan has white hairs distributed evenly throughout its coat, lightening the overall appearance. Both these coats are beautifully made, with lovely colouring and excellent details. The coats also include a custom normal and custom specular map, for just the right shine and structure.

Teegle Teeglepet Fjord Horse with Parted Mane
[ZAD] Campion Mustang Shape, Belly Fur and Draft Legs for the Fjord Horse (Dog & Pony Show)
W3R3W01F Grulla and Red Chestnut Roan coats (Dog & Pony Show)

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