My Not So Little Pony

It would not be the Dog & Pony Show without new releases from Teegle and this year they’ve got a massive lineup of news: two new horses, three new dogs, resized versions of the first three dogs released and also dog collars and leashes. And that is not even all, there’s more to come in a few days!

The new horses are a “Jewel” the Percheron and “Spice” the draft foal. The Percheron is a draft breed from France which descends from the medieval warhorses. It is not generally as tall as Belgians or Clydesdales, but it is quite solidly built while still being agile. In France, only black and grey Percherons can be registered, but the US registry allows additional colours. The default coat for the Teegle Percheron is a beautiful grey, but I have some new coats from the Dog & Pony Show to share with you as well so I applied the lovely dappled Poe coat from Royal’s Customs. As you can see, it includes some very nice materials as well. Royal’s Customs has several more gorgeous coats at the event.

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My outfit is also from the Dog & Pony Show and this was one of the most eagerly awaited releases for the event: a whole equestrian outfit from Salt & Pepper, available for both male and female avatars and with tons of colour options via the texture HUDs. From competition formal to English countryside, it will manage it all.

Every piece is sold separately, so it will set you back quite a bit if you want the whole thing. There is a fatpack that gives you all the pieces for all the bodies for one gender, but if you just want it for one body that may be overkill. I would not have minded a fatpack option per body, but I understand that its a lot of work offering all the possible combinations when there are so many bodies.

The set is certainly very nicely made and looks fantastic, plus if you do get all the pieces you can wear them in several different ways and of course combine some pieces with other outfits. Given this, I would say the price is fair, though if it had been a bit more affordable, I would have gone for the male outfit too.

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I used the Poe coat from Royal’s Customs on the draft foal as well to show its versatility. It may not be a specific foal coat, but I think it looks very nice anyhow. Intended as a foal of a generic draft breed, “Spice” is quite a bit larger than the other available foal, “Pumpkin”, and should suit not just the Percheron but also the Belgian and the Clydesdale.

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Finally, we have the fantastic Marou Show Harness for the Percheron from Cheval D’or. This beautifully detailed set is exactly what you need to make your Percheron look its best. And, of course, it comes with a texture HUD for customising it.


Body Parts: Maitreya Lara body, Maitreya hands & feet, LeLutka Zora head, LeLutka eyes
Skin: DeeTaleZ Noami Eastern
Clothes: Salt & Pepper English Rider (The Dog & Pony Show)
Companion: Teegle Teeglepet Percheron (The Dog & Pony Show) with Royal’s Customs Poe coat (The Dog & Pony Show), Cheval D’or Marou Show Harness (The Dog & Pony Show)  and various Mythril animations
Companion: Teegle Teeglepet Draft Foal (The Dog & Pony Show) with Royal’s Customs Poe coat (The Dog & Pony Show)
and various Mythril animations
Decor: RVi Design Horse Ranch Homestead (The Dog & Pony Show)

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