It’s the Dog & Pony Show!

The best event in Second Life for ponies and now also pooches is back! The big Teegle event of the year, now renamed to the Dog & Pony Show, opens on September 29th and it is jam-packed with coats, accessories and everything else your four-hoofed/pawed friends might need. Or yourself, in case you prefer being the horse to riding the horse! The event will run until October 23 and in addition to tons of cool new releases, it will feature a packed schedule of events and demonstrations. As well as, of course, the immensely popular One Of A Kind auctions.

I am thrilled to have the chance to blog this event and for my initial post, the teaser before the event opens, I went straight for the brand new riding arena from The Domineaux Effect in which I setup a small jumping course using the English Show Jump set from Simply Shelby. As my mount for the day I selected the Tennessee Walker and prettied him up with a new coat from the Cozy Den and added Polo Wraps from Cinnamon. The tack set is Cheval D’or’s Pinnacle Saddle Seat, a previous release.

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The Equestrian Arena from The Domineaux Effect includes two sizes, 26 x 56 meters and 26 x 38 meters, as well as an optional light you can add to the arena. A more feature-complete version is expected in a while, but it serves its purpose very nice already.

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The Cozy Den has made a nice fleabitten gray coat called “Daffodil” which comes in three degrees of spotting, this being the heaviest. I quite like the style of this coat, its very nicely done. Here you can also get a better look at the Polo Wraps from Cinnamon.

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Simply Shelby’s English Show Jump set is a modular, non-scripted set that allows you to build several different jumps. It has a nice, clean look that should suit a variety of barns.

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Decor: The Domineaux EffectEquestrian Arena (smaller) (The Dog & Pony Show), Simply Shelby English Show Jump Set (The Dog & Pony Show), Teegle Teeglepet Interactive Hitching Post

Horse: Teegle Teeglepet Tennesse Walking Horse with Teegle Teeglepet Breakway Halter,  The Cozy Den Daffodil Fleabitten Gray Coat (The Dog & Pony Show), Cheval D’or Pinnacle Saddle Seat Set and Cinnamon Polo Wraps (The Dog & Pony Show)

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