Getting Dirty in the Shower

Dutchie‘s latest release, a stylish walk-in shower that should fit into most SL bathrooms, is versatile enough to get you both clean and dirty…at least if you pick up the Adult or Adult BDSM versions. ;) In the PG version, you’ll get and stay clean.

I made a video to talk about the shower, but if videos aren’t your thing, scroll down to get some of the basics here as well as some steamy photos.

As noted about, the shower comes in three versions, depending on how naughty you want to get. With the Adult and Adult BDSM version you also get a fascinating new feature: compatibility with the RL sex toys from Lovense. If you are not familiar with these, they are remove-controlled sex toys which can be linked up to various patterns of vibrations. For example, to specific patterns made for the adult animations available in the shower. If you are using SL to connect with a long-distance partner, this adds another level of realism to your interactions. Of course, you could just use one on your own as well. I have not tried it out myself, but it looks very straight-forward and the shower comes with detailed instructions.

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Read more about the shower here or pick up one of the three versions from the Marketplace:

Adult BDSM

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