Taking Liberties

I love the new dress from Tres for We Love Role-Play. Nephi is a scripted gown available for Inithium Khara, Legacy and Maitreya Lara that offers various states of undress through a Touch-menu. My favourite is this version, with the bodice pulled down to reveal one breast. However, the top only and bottom only versions have an added benefit—you can wear two dresses and get the top and bottom in different colours! I am wearing the Khara size and don’t forget that We Love Role-Play has a raffle for 5 Khara bodies that you can join by wearing the group tag and clicking one of the raffle boards at the event.

Also from We Love Role-Play is the Helvi forehead chain by NeonSheep, a very delicate and pretty piece of jewellery that I have included a close-up of below. It comes with a HUD for texture changes.

Even Ran picked up some new clothing from We Love Role-Play, after I pointed him to the Colorblock Doublet from Stitched. For male RP clothing, Stitched is definitely one of the best sources and this is a really nicely made doublet. I just wish someone was making this kind of clothing in female fits too. ;)

And though you don’t see too much of it, the interior is from Tirrany Designs Stylized Medieval Tavern. I really like the look of this build, but it is quite large and a little difficult for me to get good use of given my attempts at more realistic avatar sizes.

Click for full-sized image
Click for full-sized image


On Freyja:

Body Parts: Inithium Khara body, Inithium Khara hands & feet, LeLutka Zora head, Mayfly eyes
Skin: DeeTaleZ Salma MixedType
Hair:  Stealthic Lethal
Clothes:  TRES Nephi Plum (We Love Role-Play)
Accessories: NeonSheep Helvi (We Love Role-Play)

On Ran:
Body Parts: The Shops Legacy body, The Shops Legacy hands & feet, LeLutka Paxton head, LeLutka eyes
Hair: Wasabi Hayden
Clothes: Stitched Colorblock Doubled Red (We Love Role-Play), Toksik Leather Leggings
Accessories: Stitched Gillam Boots Black

Pose: Rose & Thorn Poses Mine
Decor:  Tirrany Designs Stylized Medieval Tavern (We Love Role-Play)

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