Fantasy Faire 2021: Draconian Adventures

Exploring Khol Dracys is not without its perils. If you climb too high, be prepared to meet some of its larger inhabitants. They have a taste for shiny things and the occasional adventurer, so it is imperative that you stand your ground and firmly tell them to snack on something else!

Petrichor (formerly the Plastik) has an absolutely massive amount of new releases for the Fantasy Faire, including skins, clothing, accessories and even decor items. Among these is the Araleus outfit that I am wearing here, consisting of the outfit itself, armour for arms and legs and a sword. The colouring huds for each part allow for almost unlimited texture combinations and for the outfit and the leg armour the huds also allow you to hide certain parts to change up your look even further.

Click for full-sized image
Click for full-sized image


Body Parts: The Shops Legacy Perky, The Shops Legacy hands & feet, LeLutka Lake head, LeLutka eyes
Skin: alaskametro Stella Tone 0
Cosmetics: Sk├Âll Cirilla Eyes and Scratches
Hair: Wasabi Kyo (Fantasy Faire 2021 - Valhalla)
Clothes: Petrichor Araleus Outfit, Arm Armor and Leg Armor (Fantasy Faire 2021 - The Cerulean Bombora)
Accessories: Petrichor Araleus Sword (Fantasy Faire 2021 - The Cerulean Bombora)
Poses: Eternal Dreams Shieldmaiden

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