More Slink Boys

When it comes to mesh heads for male avatars, the situation is starting to get pretty decent with several brands offering multiple choices. Slink, for example, is now up to four male mesh head with their latest two releases, Marcus and Ethan. As with the previous two (Anderson and Finn), they have a “sister” each among the female heads, in this case Miranda and Emma. While you could certainly make them look a lot more masculine, I decided to try both of them with the androgynous “Andy” skin from alaskametro (even though the body of the skin is actually female) since I wanted to see how pretty they would get. ;) I also used the Nyx hair from Wasabi for both looks and a set of outfits from the Muses.

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The Marcus head has subtle dimples, just like Miranda, and sharper features such as a more narrow chin and a stronger nose.

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Ethan has a longer, more oval face and a fairly soft profile. You can play around quite a bit with the look of his chin depending on the skin and get good results.


Body Parts: Slink Physique Male body, Slink hands & feet, Slink Visage Marcus and Ethan, FATE Oculi
Skin: alaskametro Andy Tone 2
Hair: Wasabi Nyx (Uber)
Clothes: The Muses Pietro Red and Yves Red
Decor: Fanatik
Poses: Serendipity

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