In my DNA

I have teased it a few times already, since I have basically been wearing it all the time since I picked it up, but now it is time for a closer look at the new female skin from DNA. The creator, Brox Riaxik, is far from new to skins in Second Life and was previously behind the Signature brand. But with the advent of Bakes on Mesh he’s decided to launch a new set of skins that will take full advantage of the possibilities that BoM offers. The idea is to have skin bases, for male and female avatar, and tattoo add-ons for altering body type and facial features. Right now, you can get a pack of the male and female skin bases for just L$500, which is pretty insane considering that they include 64 tones. The pack also includes a set of “phenotypes”, variations in body type that you can overlay onto the skin bases for even more variation since these are also tintable.

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I would say the skin base has a medium level of detail, which suits me very well. I find that if there is too much shading on the skin, it does not always look its best with shadows enabled.

The variations in the female skin base are all fairly subtle changes to things breast shading, nipples, stomach definition and belly button, but it does offer some nice options for different looks. None of the variations are particularly muscular, I would say they are lightly toned or thereabout.

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There’s a nice balance between smoothness and grain on most of the skin, though I think the ears are a bit too grainy and could use a little more blending, at least in how they come out on the Slink Visage heads.

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Apart from the many tones, the head is what really sold me on this skin. It is a really versatile face which looks great across a range of heads and shapes. I am really excited to see what sort of tattoos with facial variations that will be coming out from DNA. I also need to do more experimenting with makeups and face details from other brands, because I think it makes for a really good base—just as intended!


Body Parts: Slink Physique Hourglass body, Slink hands & feet, Slink Visage Ashlynn, Mayfly eyes
Skin: DNA Female Skin Base 25
Hair: Exile Stacy
Clothes: Voluptas Virtualis Rine (Kinky)
Poses: Bent
Decor: Tia Pompeii Bathhouse

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