In the Trenches

I had not expected to do another decor only post so quickly, but I really wanted to blog one of the recent releases from Fanatik and the “avatar inclusive” idea that I had been working on did not pan out! However, this is definitely proving to be a fun way of doing something new with my SL photography so I don’t mind at all.

The focus of this post, then, is the Trenches set by Fanatik, a collection of deep trenches supported by wooden structures.

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There are several different trench shapes included (straight, turn, t-shape, endpoint and hole) as well as additional pieces such as a pile of dirt, bridges and a ladder plus a matching dirt texture. The trenches are most reminiscent of WWI trenches, but I decided that I wanted to do a 19th century archaeological dig site.

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I ended up using the Ancient Stones set in sandstone by LORE to provide the pieces being excavated, though don’t look too closely at the logic of some stones still being above ground. Maybe the rest were buried on purpose, or some found lying down and raised up at a later date.

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My idea for including an avatar would have been as an Edwardian or Victorian adventurer, but I had absolutely nothing in my inventory that worked for that! Clearly an oversight. I would also have loved having various other decor items suitable for an archaeological dig site—an idea for a gacha set, perhaps?

The trenches themselves are, like everything else from Fanatik, very nicely detailed and easy to use. I would not have minded some options for the soil (especially a more sandy option for a desert dig), but I imagine that would be a pretty big change given how much of the set the soil texture shows up on. I did not have time to experiment using it in the sky rather than sunk into actual ground (which meant I was limited to the piece of free ground I had left), but I think you might be able to do so as well if you have the right sort of landscaping pieces to use around the trenches. But it is primarily a set to be used at ground level.

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