Vintage Bookworm

I love books. IRL, I have quite a few shelves full (okay, its a whole wall covered with shelves from top to bottom), but I do wish it looked a little more like a proper library—like this one, from Dutchie. The richly coloured wood, the rows upon rows of proper hardcovers, it all feels very classy and old-fashioned. A far cry from having your whole library in your Kindle, even if that admittedly is very practical! But one could always have a physical library AND a matching electronic one. That’d be my dream, actually—a dedicated library/workroom with the walls covered by books, and an electronic copy of each title as well.

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Dutchie’s bookcases include 6 different bookcases, 3 wider and 3 slimmer, each with a different set of book textures. Additionally, you can offset the textures on the top 4 rows of books, to give you even more variety. So, yes, you can definitely create a whole library room with this!

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I went for an overall vintage feel, using the Rita dress from Adam n Eve, released for the Vintage Fair. It is available in all Slink sizes plus Maitreya Lara. I paired it with stockings from Luxuria, shoes from lassitude & ennui and a hair from Wasabi. The poses are by Serendipity and modified with the Roleplay HUD from Mythril to add the book-holding animation.


Body Parts: Slink Physique body, Slink hands & feet, Vista Zoe head, Mayfly eyes
Skin: YS&YS (from Zoe HUD)
Hair: Wasabi Brina
Clothes: Adam n Eve Rita, Luxuria stockings
Accessories: lassitude & ennui Bijou heels
Decor: Dutchie Library Bookcases
Poses: Serendipity

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