Opus Aureum

The official program for the Fantasy Faire ended on Sunday, but the faire itself goes on until May 5th, so you have plenty of time left to shop for a good cause. And there is an extra incentive to do so now. I quote from the post about it:

“An anonymous donor has offered to donate 20,000 dollars if the Faire‚Äôs total reaches 40,000 dollars by May 5th.”

That is a fantastic increase of what the Faire could raise for Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society, so keep shopping!

Of course, there is also the Quest, which is a wonderful way of exploring the beautiful sims. If you want to do the Quest in style, why not consider one of the fantastic full avatars from Fallen Gods Inc?

Click for full-sized image

Opus Aureum, available in a male and a female version at 20% off during the Faire, are wonderful creations of stone and gold, creatures of the earth that have come to life and broken free from their shackles. I wanted to first show them almost like statues, here adorning the fabulous Petra add-on for Fanatik’s cave system.

Click for full-sized image

Each avatar includes the skin (system layers and appliers for Omega and Slink), materials-enhanced “outfit”, hair, eyes and animated companion. Become a gold-dusted creature of stone and turn heads wherever you go.

You can find the avatars on the Midas sim, which also is the creation of Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods Inc.

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