Hair Fair 2018: Calico

It was a bit of a dilemma for me what to call this post. On the one hand, it does feature the Hair Fair releases by Calico. On the other hand, it also features the Lootbox gacha set by the Plastik. In the end, I opted for giving the Hair Fair the title spotlight as it is a charity event, with all purchases donating at least 15% to Wigs for Kids. However, once you have done your hair shopping, you should definitely check out the Lootbox gacha event as well if you already haven’t.

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To keep it balanced, lets start by taking a look at the Unicorn Kinn gacha. There are over 20 commons, 3 rares and two different lootboxes, special rares that contain multiple items. The skin is in one of the lootboxes, as is the bikini, but most of the jewellery are common pieces. Its a very fanciful set where you can go quite “other” if you use all the pieces such as the skin, tail and ears.

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The first style from Calico that I am showing is Saira, though to be fair what you are seeing here is just one way of wearing it. With these styles, Calico has moved into doing Style HUDs, which essentially means several styles in one. You have a range of options for the bangs and options for how many of the braids to show.

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The second style is called Monroe and where Saira features long braids Monroe goes for luxurious curls. But this style also features a Style HUD, allowing you to choose between different options for the bangs and whether you want hair down in the back, in the front or both.


Body Parts: Slink Physique Hourglass body, Slink hands & feet, LightStar Athena, Mayfly eyes
Skin: The Plastik Unicorn Kinn Gacha (Lootbox)
Hair: Calico Saira and Monroe (Hair Fair)
Accessories: The PlastikUnicorn Kinn Gacha (Lootbox)
Poses: Musa

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