Into the Night

I’ve spent most of the last four days at a big dog show in Gothenburg, leaving very little time for sitting at the computer. Which isn’t bad, admittedly, since both my work and several of my hobbies involve the computer. The dog training doesn’t, except of course for talking on dog forums, looking at training videos and so on. ;)

But anyway, I did find myself at the computer in the evening today and I finally came up with a nice idea for how to shoot this cloak from the Dreaming Thicket. I had picked up the Wood Works set in Light wood from Fanatik during their sale, and using that at the edge of our wintry woods gave the feeling of someone venturing out into the woods on their own in the deep of winter.

Click for full-sized image

The Yew cloak is available at the final round of Genre in small, medium and large for both male and female avatars and in six colours. It should work for pretty much any mesh body, since you need to alpha out most of yourself anyhow.

The wood works set from Fanatik includes everything you need to build a perimeter wall, such as a gate, platforms, ladders and spiked versions of the walls. It also comes in a darker, aged wood.


Body Parts: Slink Physique body, Slink hands & feet, Vista Lia, Mayfly eyes
Skin: alaskametro Lady Venom Tone 2
Hair: Wasabi Berry
Clothes: Dreaming Thicket Yew Cloak Magnolia Genre
Decor: Fanatik Wood Works Light

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