Reading the Stones

The current round of The Fantasy Collective is called Vikings and while there were some things on sale that mystified me as to how they connected to the theme, there were also quite a few creators present who did an excellent job. One of these is Hextraordinary with their release of a set of runestones.

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The set consists of four different stones, each with a different design. I choose to reposition one of them to be lying down on the ground, to give the sense of ancient stones where one has fallen over.

Properly speaking, you don’t generally find clusters of runestones together like this, but I liked the look of this setup. It gives a very mystical feel to this clearing in my little wood.

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The gown is a new release from the Muses for the ongoing round of We Love Role-Play, fitted for Belleza Freya & Isis, both Slink bodies and Maireya.


Body Parts: Slink Physique body, Slink hands & feet, LightStar Maya, Mayfly eyes
Hair: Exile Eyes on Me
Clothes: The Muses Daphne Black/Neutral (We Love Role-Play)
Poses: Black Tulip
Decor: Hextraordinary Viking Standing Stones (The Fantasy Collective)

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