Mounted Warrior

It has been too long since I brought out my pony, aka my alt’s Teegle Bento Horse Avatar. But I recently sent her shopping for some fancy new tack so that gave me a good excuse to do these photos on horseback. Speaking of horses, the Water Horse wearable bento horse is also out now, but I am indecisive as to whether I should get that one too. It could get pricey to dress up two horses, if nothing compared to what it costs in real life (I just bought a new leather halter, and those don’t come cheap).

Also featured in this post are two new We Love Role-Play releases and a hair from a relaunched brand.

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The tack—that is, the saddle and bridle—come from a store called Valiant. I saw a shot of the lovely Turkmen saddle and new I had to have it as it is the first piece of non-modern (or at least non-English and non-Western) tack I have seen for the Teegle Horse. As it turned out, it is also extremely well-made with beautiful textures, not to mention versatile as you get a HUD stuffed full of options. There was no matching bridle, at least not yet, so I picked up a fairly neutral bridle from the same store. Overall, I think it would make a great look for a Dornish horse.

Now I just need some proper medieval tack as well, and perhaps some barding, and maybe a side saddle…

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Moving from my currently four-legged alt and back to me, I am wearing the St. Monica chest armour from Paper Moon, which I matched to the Drea leather skirt from Senzafine. The Paper Moon armour comes in three different patterns, each with several colour options, and the skirt from Senzafine comes in a range of rich leather colours. Both also come fitted for the most common mesh bodies. There is also a matching top from Senzafine.

My hair is a brand-new release from 24K, which is a rebranding of Eaters Coma. The new hairs are being sold for L$300 for the whole colour set, which is a pretty amazing deal.

Oh, and no mesh head today. Haven’t found one for this character yet.


Body Parts: Slink Physique body, Slink hands & feet, Mayfly eyes
Skin: DeeTalez Djuna Eastern
Hair: 24K HAIR 01
Clothes: Paper Moon St. Monica Chest Armour Laurels (We Love Role-Play), Senzafine Drea Leather Skirt (We Love Role-Play)

The horse is the Teegle Bento Horse Avatar, wearing the Turkmen Saddle and Keurig Bridle from Valiant.

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