Ghost Town

My favourite pictures to setup and shoot are those where some items are just begging to be shown together. This was definitely the case for the Ghost Town gacha from 22769 and the new cloaks from Paper Moon. A ghostly presence in a ruined, abandoned town, just perfect in my mind.

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The Ghost Town gacha consists of 10 items, with one rare and nine commons, and the play price is L$50. You definitely don’t need the whole set to make it work and duplicates can in fact be good for building up your town a little more, so that’s a nicely balanced gacha in my book. And you don’t need to use these pieces just on their own, they could be added to an existing town/village to provide atmosphere.

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Paper Moon’s new cloaks come in two main styles, Ether (lighter) and Nebulim (darker, shown here). There’s a version I and II of each as well, which include different colours/patterns on the HUD. In terms of sizes you can choose between a male and a female fit and then there’s three size options, but given that the cloak covers everything you don’t need a perfect fit.

I edited the cloak to set glow to 0.10 for these photos, to obtain the right ethereal look.

You can find the Ghost Town gacha at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and the cloaks at We Love Role-Play.

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