The Teegle Horse Bento Avatar

It is actually video time again. But no, it isn’t another unboxing, but rather my first big step into bento usage. Specifically, through the Teegle Horse Bento Avatar, which is a bento-enabled horse avatar that looks amazing, moves great and comes with a ton of built-in options and great potential for expansion through add-ons and accessories. And best of all, it is ridable by another avatar, meaning that I finally have a fabulous looking horse for photos. Yep, I made (or rather, dug up) an alt and bought the horse on it so that I can take myself for a ride. ;)

Click for full-sized image

Or, in this case, let Ran take me for a ride so that I could do the filming and show off the horse’s movements. As you can see, the size of the horse is excellent even if you’re not a very tall SL avatar, and it can actually be made both quite a bit smaller and quite a bit larger than this. The video will show the default shapes that it ships with.

Speaking of riding, there’s a small mistake in the video regarding how you adjust yourself when you are on the horse. You left-click the belly of the horse to get the menu, not the control hud.

Click for full-sized image

The horse also has a lot of animations (and even expressions) that you can use either when it is ridden or when it is not. This is catching one moment in the rearing animation.

So there you have it, a first look at the Teegle Horse Bento Avatar. You will likely see more of my alt in this form in upcoming posts and I will also keep my eyes open for more interesting bento applications to try out.

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