Truth recently started up a VIP group which will be getting an exclusive hair per month. I believe the joining fee is lower for the first month (I think it was L$265 at the moment) and with two hairs already available for members that is a fabulous deal. I hadn’t been too keen on the first member style, but then this Sugar hair was added to the group and since I am always in desperate need of good updos it was an easy decision. It also turned out to be an excellent hair for showing off a pair of new earrings and also this new fantasy skin, both from the Plastik.

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In terms of the hair, I was also positively surprised by the options included, since both bangs (not shown) and the wisps at the sides are separate add-ons.

The earrings from the Plastik come in three styles/sizes with this being the largest. The smaller add-on earrings are great for wearing with elf ears in particular. There are five metals to choose from and they come with a HUD that gives you 30 different gemstones and 40 different feather textures.

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The Chaotic Neutral skin (which is also accompanied by a sister skin, the Lawful Good skin, and matching skins for male avatars) features both subtle texture details across much of the skin and bolder painted details on the face, chest and back. It comes with a VERY full array of appliers.


Body Parts: Slink Physique body, Slink hands & feet, Mayfly eyes, FATElashes
Skin: The Plastik Chaotic Neutral Femme Skin (11.11)
Hair: Truth Sugar (VIP gift)
Clothes: Aisling Kaeli Style 1 (We Love Role-Play)
Accessories: The Plastik Aery Wicca Earrings Golden (Whimsical)
Poses: oOo Studios

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