Eastern Circe

In the last two days new rounds of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and Collarbor88 have opened, threatening to do serious damage to my virtual wallet. The look I ended up putting together started with a jewellery set from Aisling and was completed by a dress from deviousMind and hair by Exile.

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The Namika gown is deviousMind’s gacha for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. I am always happy to play Chandra’s gachas as you are certain to get something you can use. The commons are full gowns, with the hair accessories as well, and the rares are special versions of the gown which give access to multiple colour options plus more elaborate accessories. That’s an excellent way to do a satisfying clothing gacha.

This beautiful, asian-inspired gown comes fitted for Maitreya Lara and Slink Hourglass. I could have wished for the regular Slink body as well, as I wear Hourglass more rarely, but it does look good on it. There are several ways to wear this gown thanks to a menu that can hide parts of it, such as the ropes or the top and/or bottom of the left side of the gown. You can also choose ornamented or plain fabric, or make it sheer.

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The Circe jewellery from Aisling is another gacha from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. The elaborate necklace is the common piece, available in 11 different colours (metal options are included with each). The 2 rares consist of the circlet and earrings as one set and the various armrings as another set. The rares come with a HUD that allows it to match any of the commons.

The hair is a new release from Exile for Collabor88 called Dangerous. Its a bold updo with a baroque touch to suit the theme of the current round and it comes with an optional mask.

I am still wearing alaskametro’s Moda skin, here in Ivory with Raven brows, and the poses are from Musa’s gown pose series.

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