At a Crossroads

Well, I had something a lot longer written, but my browser crashed. So, this will have to be short and sweet instead. I am wearing the Rose lingerie from Luxuria for the Gacha Guardians event, paired with a pair of heels from Salt & Pepper from the same event. Gacha Guardians is an in-store gacha event where you fill out a HUD to get access to a prize room where you can claim Gifts of the Guardians if you have played a machine enough. Luxuria offers matching a matching body suit in four colours as their gift. The black set with garters and stockings that I am wearing is the rare of the regular lingerie.

Click for full-sized image
Click for full-sized image

The Grace hair from Wasabi Pills is also a new release and this for a brand new event called the Crossroads, which is a multi-themed event with several distinct areas joined by a crossroad.

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