The Whimsical event has just opened and it looks like it has a great mix of items, some gachas and some regular purchases. One of the gachas is a very elaborate set from the Plastik. I added on a tattoo from Fallen Gods (from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival) and headed out into the woods.

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The set is called the Petrichor Druid Gacha and features some nifty commons and some awesome rares. The commons consist of six different wands, a necklace and a set of earrings (you can see the latter in the next image). Each piece comes with a HUD for customising them, so no need to try again and again for a particular colour.

Two additional wands with more elaborate designs are among the rares, together with a more elaborate necklace that you also get a better look at in the next image. I have to say the necklace design is really striking and perfectly wearable outside of this set. HUDs are of course included with each piece.

And then we have two ultrarares, the very druidic staff that you see here and the amazing, oh so fragile looking wings on my back. They are really quite gorgeous and, of course, HUD controlled for a ton of options.

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The white tattoos that you see a bit of here but which were more evident in the full-body picture are from the Legacy gacha by Fallen Gods. They full body tattoo is a rare but there are plenty of partials that look really cool among the commons. They are tintable and come with Omega, Slink and TMP appliers as well as system layers.

The fur/skinn dress is the Fomhar dress from lassitude & ennui and the awesome braids are by Calico. I am also wearing the Verna skin by PXL and using poses from the Sourceress sets by chanimations.

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