Daughter of the Sands

One of the things that mesh has brought is the ability to do really awesome cloaks and this is something that Damien Fate of FATEplay has embraced. This cloak is one of his offerings for the current We Love Role-Play round and since it ends in a few days I wanted to give a last reminder, because it is a truly awesome round! My gown by the Muses is also from there and yes, I know I have worn this particular design several times, but it is one of my all-time favourites and it looks particularly stunning in the Gold/Flame colour, inspired by the arms of House Martell. You may just see a few more shots this week inspired by Dorne, seeing as a certain upcoming episode of Game of Thrones has been on my mind a lot lately.

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But, lets talk cloaks for a bit! The Treffa cloak is (of course) beautifully modelled and textured (and has materials applied), but what really makes it a stand-out piece (and a must-have purchase, especially at 25% off) is the scripting. Using the HUD you can wear it with the hood up or down (or even just as a good) and you get two different styles (slung back from the shoulders like this or draped over them) in three lengths each. The HUD also includes colouring options, meaning that you can pretty much get this cloak to be any colour you want since there are presets and then tinting options. You can also colour different parts of it independently from each other.

So, yes, you need that cloak. And that goes for male and female avatars since you get sizes for both. Its a spectacular deal.

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This shot wasn’t quite planned like this at first, but Ran played around with the light settings and I just love how moody it came out. I also think it shows off the materials on the dress really beautifully.

The simple but striking necklace is from lassitude & ennui for the World Goth Fair; a raven skull on a leather string. It is available in several metals, with this being the copper option.

For my skin I am back in the lovely Shirin skin from DeeTalez; I really love the character of this face. My hair is the Ingrid updo from Wasabi Pills—I love the braided details—and the poses are from oOo Studios.

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