Skin Fair: Astrali from The Plastik

In just two days, on the 14th, the Skin Fair opens. It is quite a massive affair this time around, with three whole sims full of skins and with each participating designer offering Skin Fair exclusives that won’t be in their stores until the fair is over. I have decided to start my coverage of the fair with the new Astrali line from The Plastik. The line itself was actually released in the new store today, but you will have to wait until the Skin Fair for 7 of the tones. The Plastik will also be offering a large set of striking eye makeups at the Fair as well as nail polishes for Slink’s hands and feet. But lets dive in and take a look at the lovely Astrali.

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I find the Astrali body very fetching, with well-balanced shading and highlights. There’s a nice amount of skin texture and plenty of subtle little details, from moles to the dimples above the bottom. There are three bodies included with each skin—the basic version, a no-nipples version and a toned-down version which has softer breast shading (that is the one I am wearing).

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A nice bottom is a must-have for me and Astrali delivers this with shading that seems to work well on a range of sizes. The back of the knees also shows good attention to details.

Astrali comes with a wide range of appliers, covering Slink hands and feet as well as the Phat Azz, the Lolas and the nipples for Lolas. Of these I only use the Slink hands and feet so I can only say that these are perfectly well done.

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There are also several faces on tattoo layers, including versions with no eye brows (though I felt the removal of the brows had left the area just a teeny bit blurry) and with subtle makeups. I am wearing the option that gives a glossy lip which I really liked on this lip shape.

Also included are tattoo layers with makeup options that do not replace the whole face as well as freckles for both face and body.

On the whole I found Astrali’s face to be very much to my liking as it has that blend of beauty and character that makes a skin stand out. It may not be the skin for those who prefer a very cute face, but if you are looking for sultry you can’t go wrong with her.

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The previous shots have all shown the Tyvalo tone, which is the lightest available at the Skin Fair. Here you see Dyrzi, one of the darker tones, just to show what the skin looks like in those circumstances.

When speaking of tones, it would be amiss not to mention that the full release of Astrali includes over 100 tones divided across Warm, Cool and Natural. If you cannot find just the right tone, you probably aren’t looking hard enough!

There wasn’t much clothing needed for this look—I am wearing the ieQED stag crown in copper from the Fantasy Gatcha Festival and the Lily hair in Cinnamon from Wasabi Pills—but one other thing that I want to focus on is my eyes. These are two of the latest colours—Green Tourmaline and Red Mahogany—from Mayfly to be converted to the new Luminous line. These eyes feature very extensive scripting to give you amazing control over your eyes. My favourite feature is probably that you can move the eyes inward or outward if the size you pick doesn’t quite work with your head. Since I like to wear my eyes fairly small for a realistic appearance, I often find that I get little gaps at the corner of the eyes. But since I can move the Luminous eyes outward, this does not happen any longer. But in addition to that you get so many other choices, such as different pupil sizes, different looks to the whites and different shadows and reflections. I find myself defaulting to Mayfly eyes more and more often and I do feel they have a very nice range of colours as well—I just wish there were a few more lilacs and purples to indulge those Targaryen looks I go for at times.

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