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Fallen Angel PDF

From Newsarama we learn that Fallen Angel, an excellent creator-owned series by Peter David that was originally published by DC, has recently moved to IDW and will be restarting. In an attempt to gauge reader interest, PAD and IDW are offering for free the first half of the new first issue in PDF form to those who request a copy.

The series is set in the strange city of Bete Noire, where mystical forces seem to control everything that happens and where lost souls seem togather. The titular character is Lee, a mysterious young woman with a great deal of power. Her motives, her abilities, and her origin are a mystery, and she’s not really a clear-cut heroic figure—sometimes she’s positively anti-heroic. It’s a terrific comic which isn’t afraid to explore the dark side of human (and superhuman) nature. It was criminally under-ordered at DC, and one can only hope it’ll do better at IDW.

If the above sounds interesting, mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with &qyot;Fallen Angel PDF" as the subject to get a copy.

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