Historical Heels

I have probably mentioned this before, but I am not much of a shoe person IRL…except when it comes to riding boots, that is. In SL, I am not much better, unless we’re talking shoes for roleplay looks. Like these gorgeous, embroidered shoes with knee-high, tied-off stockings that Adam n Eve has out at the new round of We Love Role-Play. They’re the perfect shoe to wear with a ball gown, but of course I wanted to show them off so I opted for something a bit more revealing. To setup the scene, I used a selection of pieces from Libertine, which was just perfect for the boudoir feel I wanted.

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Ice and Fire: The Handmaiden

Time for another look at some of the great items available at the Ice and Fire event, which is open until the 13th of April. Today, I have some brands that I have not blogged before, like Bee Designs, Simply Shelby and *SK*, as well as F&M Oblivion and the Plastik (though the latter is not from that event). For these scene, I setup a bedroom in one of my castles, with an opulent bed and a large, sturdy chest.

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Hair Fair 2018: Favourites

To show my new purchases from Hair Fair, as well as a couple of demos I am still indecisive about, I decided to put together a video. This also allowed me to give you a closer look at style huds and hair colour huds from each brand.

Remember that every pack of hair sold at Hair Fair donates a minimum of 15% to Wigs for Kids, so its shopping for a good cause!


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Fantasy Faire 2018: The Tavern

The weather was too gorgeous yesterday to sit in front of the computer until later in the evening, so I didn’t actually manage to get the post out before bedtime. But I am thinking I will get a second one done today, to try to keep up with the one post a day schedule. Fortunately, I had my stitches in the finger out yesterday so typing is a bit easier. But you still get another combined blog and vlog because the star of this post really deserved a video. I am of course talking about the Interactive Tavern Table from Fantavatar & Moonstruck, a fabulous roleplay piece. Also featured in this video are two hairs from F&M, a gown from Les Encantades, an awesome outfit from Last Ride and a skin from Bite & Claw. Note that in the credits, it just says Fantasy Faire after each item, but the links are different depending on which sim the store is actually on. You can also use the excellent Shopping Catalogue to easily find where each and every brand at the faire are located.

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Dame a la Licorne

More unicorn treasures today, from the Last Unicorn round of Enchantment. This includes the first item I have blogged by Les Encantades as well as several pieces by the Plastik and a contribution from Hekate.

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Winter’s Herald

The 5th Midwinter Fair is almost upon us, opening at noon today. The fair will be offering new releases, sales, gachas and a blogger expo. After a day in town at Christmas markets, I am kicking off my coverage of the fair with a warm and elegant gown from Velvet Whip, here paired with a hair from Oblivion for Hairology and a skin from PXL for the Winter Gacha Festival.

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