The Lady at the Fountain

We Love Role-Play remains open for two more days, until the 28 of September, so don’t miss the chance to check out all the great deals for this round. You will find new releases at 15% to 30% discounts, such as the lovely Cerridwen gown from Ruxy and the Butterfly Hennin by Grasshopper St. The gown is definitely more of a fantasy piece whereas the headgear is appropriately medieval. The ensemble gave me a reason to revisit my little Renaissance-inspired town, built with Del-ka Aedilis’s Medici Series of buildings. I also added a fountain from Hextraordinary to fill out the central square some.

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Slink Dynamic Hands

Today I thought I would take a bit of an overdue look at the bento update to the Slink hands which came out a few weeks ago. And, seeing as we’re talking about bento, a video was of course in order to show the new possibilities with these hands. I also took the opportunity to show off the FATE Hand Poser and several sets of new manicures from the Plastik, as well as featuring two new releases from the Ostara’s Altar event (which I ended up calling Altar of Ostara in the video) since that suited the beautiful spring weather we’ve had today.

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